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Oh and Henry Cavill is my husband.

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—You’d best not miss 

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#watch the queen conquer

Probably the most badass moment in Son of Batman.

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Forgive me, my love.

Because I obviously don’t love Green Arrow enough

I mean let’s be real between Arrow and the New 52 it’s like Green Arrow doesn’t even exist anymore.

greenish-lantern replied to your post:
In Arrow, Connor’s only going to be like 6 or 7 years old.

I keep seeing things about tonight’s episode of Arrow and it just makes me so angry.


women of: marvel 
"Those are the voices we need in industries like that so, like she said, our daughters (and our gay sons and our trans kids and any of our kids if we’re not white) don’t have to. I’m glad Marvel not only has a voice saying ‘we can do better’ and ‘our work isn’t done’.” -Sam Einhorn 
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The world is tearing itself apart. They say I can stop this…

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