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Anonymous: "Opinion on Harley being more independent from Joker like on Injustice?"

I love it! All throughout Suicide Squad New 52 there are signs of her breaking away from the Joker and slowly becoming her own woman again. Harleen Quinzel has the potential to be such a strong passionate woman and unfortunately someone like Joker is only holding her back.

So that fact that we’re starting to see her break away from the Joker is a great thing.

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Anonymous: "I love your blog! Favorite female superhero or villain?"

Well I consider Catwoman an Antihero so I suppose she works for both!

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Weee I know have a link for all my gifs.

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Batman: Assault on Arkham (2014)
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Anonymous: "favorite place to sex?"

My imagination.

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Anonymous hour. Nothing will be unanswered, ignored or deleted.


"It would appear that you have made something of yourself after all.  
Your father would be proud."
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